The Jounery Of Self Discovery


The Journey Of Self Discovery The Journey Of Self-Discovery Is Your Guide To A New Way Of Looking At Life, A Way Proven To Lead You To Higher Levels Of Awareness And Satisfaction. The Journey Of Self-Discovery Is Also Easy To Read. The Anthology Format Allows You To Approach The Book In A Variety Of Ways. You Can Read The Journey Of Self-Discovery From Start To Finish, Proceeding Through The Systematically Arranged Selections. In The Journey Of Self-Discovery You Will See Srila Prabhupada Taking The Essential Truths Of The Timeless Vedic Wisdom Of India And Communicating Them To Persons Like Yourself–In Talks, Conversations, And Interviews. With Gravity And Wit, Roses And Thunderbolts, Srila Prabhupada Delivers Transcendental Knowledge With Maximum Impact And Precision. The Journey Of Self-Discovery Will Illuminate The Path That Leads To Life’s Ultimate, Most Perfect Destination.

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