We started our business career in our family owned shop with name Brijbhoomi . Our forefathers blessed Us with their knowledge about Religious Books  simply just because We are in 5th Gen of the business of Printing ,Publishing  and Selling of Religious Books from last 150 Years across all over India from Our city, Birth Place of Lord Krishna – Mathura ( UP ) with well known and established name Sitaram Pustakalay .

In last 4-5 Years We expanded Our family business by making Amazon as Our Online Sales Partner

Amazon trained Us how to do Online Business and How to make Our Customers Happy and Satisfied with Our Prompt, World Class and Best level of Services .

In 1997 We started a new business with name of Brijbhoomi Handicrafts with help of Local Craftsmen of God Statues , Idols and Showpieces .

In a very few days We succeed to Spread their Art Worldwide and made Thousands faces Happy and Smiley of family members of Craftsmen and got succeed to make Thousands Customers Happy .

Today Brijbhoomi is a Group of Companies with a family of Lacks of Our Satisfied and Valuable Customers and Hundreds of Master Craftsmen .

We provide almost all type of Religious Books from all World Class Publishers like Gita Press , Bhakti Vedant Trust  (Iskon) , Yug Nirman Yojna and all Others at a reasonable price at Your door step and We provide Thousands of Gift Articles , Home Décor Articles, Puja Articles , and God Statues .

Our Vision

We don’t believe in marketing rather believes in relationship marketing i.e to retain existing and attract new by our product &loyalty .

Our Mission

Spread of Hinduism and to make Our Sanatan Hindu Dharma’s traditions Worldwide.

To become Globes most leading Online Company in field of Religious Books and Handicraft Goods .

Why We

The Gift outley of ‘BRIJBHOOMI’ offer a substantial choice of religious as well otherworldly things, including religous books/sculptures, statues, decorations, exclusive Home decors, festive decors, books, teens’ giftware, and memento gifts made particularly for the temples. The Shops additionally convey an surprising collection for every kind i.e professionals homemakers,virtuous, of various occasion, including gifts for festivals ,parties & weddings ,formal meetings ,First Communion and Confirmation, and Ordination to the Priesthood. we have more than twenty years involvement in making flawlessly given gift containers filled the most awesome and novel things from around the globe. A tremendous measure of exertion goes into picking items to fill our gifts bins to guarantee total consumer loyalty when each gift is gotten and a huge and rarely available variety  of books from all world class publishers for book lovers .

Look over our wide choices, just visit us ones to establish a known familiar relations.



Brijbhoomi Books and Handicrafts