Ishwar Kaun Hai? Kahan Hai? Kaisa Hai? Hardcover


Faith in God forms the very basis of all religious developments Fand has intimate relationship with Human Psychology. Despite this, nobody, not even the theists and scholars of Theology have been able to define Thy- realization. Each one of us has his or her own imaginations, perceptions and understanding of God. This somewhat depends on our intrinsic make-up, training and environment of life and mental conditioning…. Whatever be our imagination of His ‘forms’, if our faith is true and piet, our ‘God’ certainly offers us immense love, courage and motivation to live with moral dignity….. Understanding and absolute realization of – “Who is God, Where and How is God…?”, has been the quest of all spiritual devotees, religious scholars, seekers of Nature, and many others since the origin of mankind…. This type of questions, of fundamental importance in human life, reflecting the eternal inquisitiveness of human self…., have been dealt by Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya in this volume in most non-prejudiced, authentic and universally acceptable manner

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