Brijbhoomi Books and Handicrafts ® Set of 32 Vedic Wisdom Iskcon Books Paperback

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The package contains 32 books written by HDG A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada. These books are wonderful treasure of vedic wisdom. The list of books included in this package are: 1. Chanting Hare Krishna, 2. Beyond Illusion and Doubt, 3. Dharma-The way of Transcendence, 4. Songs of the Vaishnava Acharyas, 5. Life Comes From Life, 6. The Journey of Self Discovery, 7. A Second Chance-The Story of Near Death Experience, 8. The Laws of Nature- An Infallible Justice, 9. On The Way To Krishna, 10. The Nector of Instruction, 11. Krishna Consciousness- The Top Most Yoga System, 12. Sri Brahma Samhita, 13. The Hare Krishna Challenge, 14. Easy Journey to Other Planets, 15. Elevation to Krishna Consciousness, 16. Raja Vidya- The Kind of Knowledge, 17. Coming Back- The Science of Re-Incarnation, 18. Beyond Birth & Death, 19. Civilization & Transcendence, 20. Lord Caitanya- His Life & Teachings, 21. Matchless Gift, 22. The Path of Perfection, 23. Perfect Questions & Perfect Answers, 24. Sri Isopanishad, 25. Krishna- The Reservoir of Pleasure, 26. Meditation- Finding the Supersoul Within, 27. Message of Godhead, 28. A Beginner’s Guide To Krishna Consciousness, 29. Chant & Be Happy, 30. The Perfection of Yoga, 31. Spiritual Yoga, 32. Consciousness- The Missing Link

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